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Want to make your classic feel and drive like new?  Call us.


Kevin Perreault, Billings, Montana

“I have known Rick Moore for over a decade and he has worked on many of my automotive projects, the biggest one was a complete restoration of our 1969 Camaro RS in 2009.  This was a huge undertaking that required extensive body work.  Rick not only did the flawless bodywork and paint, he performed nearly every aspect of the restoration.  The only job not performed by Rick was recovering the seats and the headliner install.  Having our car in one location to get the entire project complete was invaluable.  The best thing about having Rick perform our restoration is in a word: trust.  If Rick says he has 90 hours into your car, rest assured it’s 90 hours.   When it comes time for our next project, it will be performed by Rick.”


dan & nancy mcdonald, cody, wyoming

“Talk about one-stop shopping, Rick Moore’s shop took this 1956 post from brake lines to first place at the 2008, Chase Hawks/Burn The Point Top of Show Winner in Billings, Montana.  We are very pleased.”




Jim turner, Washington, utah

I found “olblue” in Southern Colorado in January, 2008. I searched Craiglist and other sources for eight months for a “rust free” unmolested car. I wanted to build a sleeper, something I could drive every day comfortably and have a minimum amount of body or paint work. I wanted to build a “C4” performance suspension, “LS3” engine and a “4L85E” transmission. I wanted it to be a total surprise to anyone who looked under the car or opened the hood.  My friend Rick and I made the trip from Belfry, Montana to Colorado to inspect this so called original, rust free car.  It turned out “olblue” was just what they said it was, no rust, never had a radio, never had a mirror mounted on the outside, original paint with one little ding on the right door. I was excited!  We loaded it up and brought it back to Montana.  Let the fun begin! With Rick & little Ricky’s help and many $$$$$. I drove “olblue” the first time on October 15, 2010. The journey could not have been completed with-out Rick’s expertise, knowledge and patience with me asking questions on a daily basis. He was there every step of the way.


mike ogston, saginaw, minnesota

“I have been working with RR Frames for four years.  I have built three 1955 Chevys, all with Corvette independent rear and front suspension; one with an LS1 engine, one with an LS2 engine with a 6-speed Tremec transmission.  The '55 I am finishing is an LS3 hot-cam with a 4L65E transmission.  Rick has been very helpful any time I had a question; I could call him and he always had an answer.  These '55 Chevys drive and handle like a Corvette.  They are a fun car to own and drive.”